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Launch Excellence Partners
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We help to accelerate your success

Let us help you fast track your goals

We deliver premium quality deliverables with a partnership mindset.

Pharma Innovation

Why choose us

We walked the journey from discovery to post launch bringing innovation to patients.

Road to Patients

We have strong business acumen and operational 

experience to provide unparalleled support.

Business Acumen and Support

We have first-hand deep and broad experience to future proof success.

First Hand Experience

We connect the dots to bridge silos to integrate and align deliverables.

Deliverables Graph

We are a nimble and lean company that bring just the right people to each solution.

Nimble Company

We enjoy solving complex problems for our clients.

Complex Problem Solving

We constantly deliver for clients and all new client relationships, start as referrals.

Delivering to Clients
Pharma Business


“I have been working with Hettie for four months, and having been introduced to her was nothing short of Good Fortune”

-Chief Executive Officer

“Hettie approaches each global company from a wide-angle: from the IP strategy to healthcare marketing to untapped product application, thus increasing the market size potential for the companies to consider. She is extremely personable, but she never loses focus. Plus, she is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Hettie to any company looking to increase their footprint in the market.”

-Chief Executive Officer

“Insightful commercial partner and a pleasure to work with.”

-Chief Executive Officer

“We have greatly benefitted from her excellent communication, market insight, and sound scientific knowledge.”

-Chief Technology Officer

“I am impressed with the summaries and the detail you provided in the competitive landscape assessments.”

-Vice President Discovery

“We were very impressed with the target product profiles.”

-Chief Scientific Officer

“I really do love your approach to valuation and commercial assessments."

-Vice President of Finance & Accounting

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