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Forecasts and Commercial Assessments

Evidence-based dynamic forecasts models incorporating critical parameters that will impact both uptake and revenue.

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Nurse and Patient

Commercial analytics and forecasting underpin strategic decision-making and business planning in pharma companies.

Reliable, dynamic models that can anticipate product and market changes are required from the outset.

Precision forecasts must integrate and calibrate disparate sets of data and research to accurately project your product’s uptake.

We’ll work collaboratively with your internal stakeholders to identify the most important variables and forecast drivers for your model.

The highest-level rigor is essential for forecasts as it plays a critical and integral role in supply chain management.

A forecast has a direct impact in the planning of inventory levels to eliminate any opportunity of being out of stock or having excess inventory at hand.

A forecast provides a lot of insight as to the resource requirements and milestones needed to reach your goals over the short and long term.

Our models identify, calibrate, and incorporate other critical variables that will impact both uptake and revenue, including detailed epidemiology assessments, patient persistence and compliance, harmonization across indications and geographies and therapeutic segmentation.

We also build our models to allow seamless transition from the pipeline phase through launch and into on-market application, eliminating the need to develop a separate on-market forecasting tool.

We design and build sophisticated models to give you the highest levels of clarity and confidence

Total population vs. population in target markets

Incidence and prevalence by condition/disease

% Diagnosed patients

% Patients treated by condition/disease

% Prescription or dosage pattern of medicine

Price per day of asset

Actual average days of drug used

Impact of loss of exclusivity

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