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Market Landscape Assessments

Enabling your company to build actionable business plans to grow in your specific market.

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Nurse and Patient

A market landscape assessment provides sound market insights to focus evidence generation and inform launch strategy and commercialization.

When developing a new healthcare product, each indication being considered presents a unique set of commercial opportunities, as well as risks, that depend on the market landscape and the product's (anticipated) profile.

A market landscape assessment helps life science companies remain pertinent in a highly competitive market and acquire knowledgeable insights into industry challenges that potentially impede market entry.

The pharma landscape is extremely complicated.

Expanding into a market is a crucial step for any existing business trying to realize their full potential. In terms of market share, breaking into new markets can greatly increase the available terrain.

There may be significant barriers to entry that limits uptake or drivers that may enhance the demand and uptake for an innovation.

Given the ever-changing healthcare environment and an average drug development time of 12 years, the market landscape should be assessed iteratively as a product moves though its life cycle.

We partner with life sciences companies to identify the future opportunities of new treatments, including requirements and risks to achieve commercial success.

Our landscape assessments cover the breadth and depth of:

Market ecosystem, characteristics, and segment mapping

Market size and anticipated future forecast

Porter’s five forces analysis

Key customer segments and decision makers

Classes of innovation

Geographic analysis

Market trends influencing the market growth and industry specific challenges

Profile and analyze market players and their core competencies

Company profiles

Recent developments

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