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Portfolio Analytics and Prioritization

A sophisticated analytics-enabled approach to decide where to invest, where to divest and where to drive adjacent inorganic growth.

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CEOs and CFOs want to be confident that the decisions they make about their portfolios will generate lasting value.

The problem of evaluating and selecting which new products to develop, sequence or schedule development of them is complicated.

Portfolio prioritizations can have positive, or negative impact on the long-term success of an organization.

Taking a portfolio approach is about making better choices. Choices that will improve momentum, executive buy-in, and value generation for your development programs. It’s also about making choices that will prevent you from ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’.

Taking a portfolio approach allows you to blend your program priorities to balance the risk/reward of your various projects. This is particularly important as the organization gets more mature.

Our portfolio prioritization starts with assessing product value. However, the definition of “value” will differ at every company because every company has different strategic goals, places varying emphasis on financial metrics, and has different levels of risk tolerance.

The priorities we help to co-create with you, establish a ‘true north’, a common understanding of what is important. Without a clear and shared picture of what matters most, lower-value products can move forward at the expense of high-value products.

We help you to best quantify and shape the R&D portfolio to meet your company's goals and deliver maximum value possible




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