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Launch Strategy and Planning

A proven launch framework to a strong uptake curve, optimal reimbursement, and meeting revenue expectations.

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Nurse and Patient

Launches are highly complex, multidimensional, and ‘moments of truth’, where all the cross-functional efforts of a company to advance a product through development and commercialization come together into success or failure as measured by market uptake versus the company’s expectations.

The ever-increasing costs of drug development, intense competition, payer controls, and complex distribution logistics have made it challenging for pharma companies to get the launch strategy right.

Success at launch significantly impacts the product’s revenue trajectory in later years, yet 36% of drugs launched between 2012 and 2017 missed their launch forecasts.

Half (50%) of drug launch failures were attributed to limited market access, followed by inadequate understanding of market and customer needs (46%) and poor product differentiation (44%).

For pharmaceutical companies, the ability to successfully launch is of paramount importance to generate additional revenue and refinance R&D costs.

The time from when a company first patents an innovation to new medicine launch represents a useful proxy for the efficiency of the R&D process. The median time from first patent filing to launch for U.S. novel active substances fell to among the lowest levels for the decade in 2020 and 2021, at 10.7 and 11.9 years, respectively.

This means the time available to commercialize innovation is reduced, hence the absolute imperative to achieve launch excellence.

LAUNCH EXCELLENCE means a new solution (medicine/medical device/other) achieves a strong sustained launch uptake curve, noteworthy market share, and optimized access and reimbursement, resulting in a shortened time to profitability for the innovator and use by patients to improve their health or prevent a disease.

Our proven launch framework helps you be ready for launch, on time, with the right strategy and plan for successful implementation across multiple stakeholders.

We co-create your launch strategy and plan focusing on the following key elements

Why (Reason)

What (Function)

Where (Place)

Who (Person)

When (Time)

How (Method)

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