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Launch Readiness Tracker

Help you gauge how ready your organization is and how to breach the gaps swiftly.

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Pharmaceutical companies have long relied on successfully launching new drugs to drive growth. But two-thirds of drug launches don’t meet expectations. Improving that record requires pharmaceutical companies be 100% ready.

When a pharmaceutical product does make it through the long haul of drug discovery, compound selection, preclinical/clinical trials and regulatory approval, it is absolutely imperative that launches across multiple markets are handled as quickly, seamlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Product launches serve as defining moments for pharmaceutical companies to create sustained value. Well-managed launches provide the single most powerful way to offset the revenue shortfalls of the approaching patent cliff.

A launch readiness assessment tool is highly effective in scenario planning, risk management, and go-no go decisions.

Launch readiness assessments should be started early and continuously to eliminate any barriers to achieve launch excellence.

Launches are highly complex, multidimensional, and ‘moments of truth’, where all the cross-functional efforts of a company to advance a product through development and commercialization come together into success or failure as measured by market uptake versus the company’s expectations.

Our launch readiness assessments determines the progress and status of almost two thousand activities across all the key stages of development.

We performed a comprehensive review to ensure cross-functional alignment, pressure test the launch plan, and identify major risk factors

Phase of clinical development

Functional area




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