LAUNCH EXCELLENCE PARTNERS a boutique professional services firm and a trusted partner to emerging life sciences companies. We empower teams to develop a product with a compelling and meaningful value proposition, enable organizational alignment and readiness, and achieve effective and efficient external stakeholder engagement and impact, from pre-IND to launch to improve lives of patients.


We develop a TPP for discussions between our clients and the FDA that can be used throughout the drug development process, from pre-investigational new drug application (pre-IND) or investigational new drug application (IND) phases of drug development through post-marketing programs to pursue new indications or other substantial changes in labeling.


We provide abbreviated versions of the TPP to serve as a business communication tool for discussions with investors, partners, physicians, and payors.

Opportunity Assessment


We help our clients to assess and evaluate opportunities systematically and comprehensively, using a range of methods to answer questions such as:

Where are the unmet needs in the marketplace?

What is the viability of this product concept?

What is the size of the market opportunity?

What is the likely demand for this product?

Where are the growth markets?

What is the competitive landscape?

What should your portfolio look like?


We take the stress out of new product planning using proven knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to incorporate the broad range of activities, deliverables, and resources of all cross-functional team members to keep time-to-market for new products as short as possible, reduce unnecessary investment, improve internal communications, and empower data-driven business decisions.


Launches are highly complex, multidimensional, and ‘moments of truth’, where all the cross-functional efforts of a company to advance a product through development and commercialization come together into success or failure as measured by market uptake versus the company’s expectations.

We help you be ready for launch, on time, with the right strategy and plan for successful implementation across multiple stakeholders.

Begin with the 

End in Mind

Enabling your organization to develop a product with a compelling and meaningful value proposition to achieve launch excellence and deliver health outcomes for patients.