- 8 out of 10 Products are Commercial Failures.

- Delivering results below internal and external expectations.

Three Key Strategic Imperatives

for Launch Excellence

A product with a compelling and meaningful value proposition

Sponsorship and

organizational alignment

Effective and efficient external stakeholder engagement

Is a strong and sustained launch uptake curve, noteworthy market share, and optimized access and reimbursement, resulting in a shortened time to profitability.

Launches are highly complex, multidimensional, and ‘moments of truth’, where all the cross-functional efforts of a company to advance a product through development and commercialization come together into success or failure as measured by market uptake versus the company’s expectations. 

Launch Excellence

Launch Excellence


Ensure return for investors

Assure return on clinical development investment

Prepare for investor

and licensor interest

Ensure revenue for future growth

Shorten time-to-revenue/profitability