Our Company

We are a boutique consulting firm in the Life Sciences with a commitment to advance innovation to patients through launch excellence.


We help our clients bridge from innovation to patients. We provide commercial launch services to help clients launch new products successfully meeting both internal and external expectations.


The structure of a bridge is a metaphor drawn upon to help define what our services are communicating.


Bridges are symbols of stability, progress and connection. Bridges helps close gaps between landscapes, “bridging” people, understandings, differences, opinions and cultures.


All the parts that make up a bridge are important. Without one part, the other parts would either collapse, cease to be functional, or be structurally weakened


Bridges have three basic components:

  • Foundation, which holds the base of the bridge and transfers its load to the bearing strata

  • Substructure, that holds the upper construction

  • Superstructure, all the parts of the bridge that are mounted on top of the supporting substructure system


In our work with clients we help to build the bridge to three strategic imperatives for launch excellence, namely:

  • Foundation: A product with a prominent value proposition

  • Substructure: Sponsorship and organizational alignment

  • Superstructure: Effective and efficient external stakeholder engagement

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